30-Day Fitness Challenge

30-Day Fitness Challenge

The 30-Day Fitness Challenge is designed to help ignite your passion for FITNESS, indulge your desire for friendly competition & have some FUN! There’s no focus on weight loss or tracking meals with this one – just a focus on getting that body MOVING! And getting some $$ while you’re at it!

How does it work?

You pay a $50 fee to enter the challenge, that fee goes into a pot with other people who have paid the same $50 fee, and at the end, whoever successfully completes the challenge divides the pot and pockets the cash! Cha-ching $$

Here are the challenge requirements:

1 – EXERCISE – Participate in at least one hour of physical activity 6 out of 7 days per week during the 30 days (the last week, you must get in an hour every day!). This can be any type of moderate-to-high impact cardio activity or strength training activity. The 60 minutes of physical activity must be done all at one time, not split into multiple shorter sessions.

2 – TRACK – Track your workouts every day using Under Armour’s “Map My Fitness” app. This is the only app that will be allowed for this challenge.  You can download these in your cellular phone’s app store (it’s free).

3 – POST – post a screenshot of your completed workout along with the TIME you took to complete the workout AND a post-workout selfie in our private challenge group to prove that you actually did the workout.

4 – SHARE – before the challenge starts, make at least ONE post about the challenge on your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter page using the official challenge logo (shown below) and tag Ford Wellness! Feel free to use the hashtags #fordwellness30dayfitnesschallenge or #getmoneyandgetfitwithfordwellness . The official challenge logo is posted below AND will be posted in our private group daily starting the week before and up until the challenge starts. The more people that join, the bigger the pot will be. The bigger the pot, the more cash each person gets in the end! Plus, it always helps to let people know about your goals so that you can get motivation from your family and friends and be held accountable to finish (because they WILL ask you about how it’s going)!



  1. When does the challenge begin/end? This year’s 30-day fitness challenge begins on the 1st and ends on the 30th
  2. When is the last day to register for the challenge? The last day to register for the challenge is the night before the 1st by 11:59EST.
  3. What happens if I miss a day of working out or don’t do one of the requirements? All of the requirements must be done in order to be in the running for the cash pot! If you miss a day, or don’t complete one of the requirements, you will be removed from the private group. But don’t let that stop you from working out – you’ll still have access to the Ford Wellness app and will still be able to track your workouts and progress for the remainder of the 30 days.
  4. What if I miss for a really good reason? Like I had a family emergency, or my child was sick, or I broke my leg? I’m still out? Yes. We hate to be this tough, but it’s a challenge! The goal is to maintain your dedication to fitness through thick and thin. If you can’t, we’ll understand, but we still have to remove you from the group.
  5. What if I’m having a technology challenge, or I can’t access the app? I’m still out? Yes. You should try to figure out how to meet all of the technical requirements and ask lots of questions before the challenge starts to avoid issues during the challenge. But we can’t make any exceptions.
  6. Can I do any type of exercise for this challenge? Well, not really. You can do any type of exercise as long as it requires moderate-to-high intensity for you to do it. For example, Zumba, weight lifting, circuit training, Power-Walking, and Crossfit would all count because they all require moderate-to-high effort. More healing exercises, like Yoga, Tai Chi, or casual nature walks, while beneficial for health, do not count for this challenge. If you aren’t sure, ask one of the coaches beforehand. Better safe than sorry!
  7. I’m already in another Ford Wellness fitness program. Can I do this challenge too? Yep, you sure can! Just make sure you track both your program workout AND time it! You may need to add more to it if it doesn’t add up to 60 minutes. If that’s the case, make sure you let your coach know!
  8. I paid for my registration, but something came up and I can no longer participate. Can I get my money back? No. Unfortunately, our products and services are non-refundable and non-transferrable.
  9. I didn’t get started with my workout until after 11:00pm, and won’t finish until after midnight. Will this eliminate me? Yes, if you haven’t completed your 6 workouts for the week. You have to have one 1-hour workout done daily on 6 out 7 days per week of the challenge (and daily the last week of the challenge). A workout started late at night on Monday and completed after midnight on Tuesday will count for Tuesday, not Monday. Please keep in mind that times are track using eastern standard time.

Things to Know Before You Commit (the not-so-small print)

  • once you pay your registration fee, you will be added to our private challenge group in the Ford Wellness app. It is best to start playing around with the app to learn how it works BEFORE the challenge starts.
  • every Monday, our coaches will look through all of the posts to see who has completed their requirements for the previous week. Any participant who has not completed the challenge requirements will be informed and removed from the group. They will still have access to the app for the entire 30 days, but will no longer be eligible to receive a share of the challenge pot.
  • in order to get your cash at the end of the challenge, you will need a Cashapp account for us to send you your share of the pot. Otherwise, we’ll send a check to you via the US Postal Service (we’ll subtract $1 to cover the cost of the sending it).
  • our payment processor charges us a fee to accept your payments, and our app charges us a fee to house you there. To cover the costs we incur to accept your challenge deposit, we must deduct $5. This means that $45 of the $50 actually goes into the pot. In the event that everyone successfully finishes, each person will receive $45. This rarely happens, but anything is possible, and we want you to know ahead of time should everyone finish. Just know that Ford Wellness makes ZERO profit from this challenge…it’s all about FITNESS and FUN for us with this one!
  • you have to complete every part of the challenge for the entire 30 days in order to get your share of the pot, no exceptions (this includes sickness, injury, natural disasters, an apocalypse, the rapture, LOL…no exceptions!). Not knowing how to use the technology will not be an excuse, so be sure to ask questions ahead of time. Not having access to your phone or wifi will not be an excuse, so snatch your child’s phone and head to Starbucks for their hotspot if necessary! Having a bad hair day, or a zit, and not wanting to post a picture is not an excuse! Doing three 1 hour sessions today will not make-up for a workout you missed yesterday and the day before! Long story short…no excuses, let’s get it done every day!