Ford Wellness - Nutrition & Integrative Health

Established in 2017 by founder Dr. Jonene Ford, Ford Wellness is a health and wellness company specializing in nutrition and integrative health services and programs!

At Ford Wellness, we use an integrative, holistic, functional, and client-centered approach to care.
Our mission is to help people alleviate and prevent chronic disease, achieve and maintain a healthy body composition, and improve their quality of life.
Our team of nutritionists, health coaches, fitness trainers, psychologists, and other healthcare practitioners help everyday people achieve their health and wellness goals by:
  • teaching them how to eat for their medical, health, and fitness needs
  • showing them how to exercise for their goals
  • helping them develop healthy routines that are realistic and sustainable
  • coaching them over the long term so they get results that last a lifetime.
By addressing multiple factors that affect overall health, we can provide a more holistic approach to achieving wellness.

We are passionate about our core values…

  • Commitment to Health and Wellness
  • Research and Education
  • Sincerity and Compassion
  • Care for the Community
  • Diversity and Equity

…and we consider our work a reflection of these values.