Nutrition & Health Coaching

Nutrition & Health Coaching

What is Nutrition & Health Coaching?


Just like an athlete benefits from a sports coach, we benefit from having a coach who can help us meet our health goals.  Nutrition & Health Coaching is just that – a partnership between you and your coach with the goal of helping you accomplish your health goals!  Nutrition & Health Coaches can help you manage:

  • weight loss
  • chronic illnesses
  • stress
  • food addictions
  • healthy lifestyle changes


Your coach is there to support you as a passenger on the journey. You determine the destination (your goals), and your coach will help you with the navigation.  We make sure you leave each session with a care plan that you are comfortable with, and we move at a pace that works for you.


Most people see a health coach over the long-term. In order to make sustainable changes, 6 months of coaching with 6-12 sessions is ideal. However, some people benefit from only 3 sessions, and others need weekly sessions in order to really change their habits and stay accountable to their goals.  Remember, you are the driver, so the choice is yours!