Nutrition Education & Coaching

Nutrition Education & Coaching

What is Nutrition Education & Coaching?

Just like an athlete benefits from a sports coach, we benefit from having a coach who can help us meet our health goals.  Nutrition Education & Coaching is just like that – a partnership between you and your nutrition coach with the goal of helping you accomplish your health goals!  Our nutrition educators and coaches can help you manage:

  • body composition
  • chronic illnesses
  • stress
  • food addictions
  • making healthy lifestyle changes

Your coach will be there to support you as a passenger on the journey. You determine the destination (your goals), and your coach will help you with the navigation.  We teach you about how nutrition impacts the body, and help you learn how to make good food choices! We make sure you leave each session with a plan that you are comfortable with, and we move at a pace that works for you. Each session lasts between 25-30 minutes.

Many people choose to work with a nutrition educator or nutrition coach when 

  • their insurance does not cover nutrition counseling
  • their insurance does cover it, but they have used all available appointments and still need support
  • they don’t have a diagnosis, but want to learn more about how food affects them
  • they need more support than their once every-other-month visit with their nutritionist or dietitian can provide

Most people see a nutrition coach over the long term. In order to make sustainable changes, 3-6 months of coaching with 12-16 sessions is ideal if you really want to make sustainable changes happen! However, some people benefit from only 3 sessions, and others need weekly sessions in order to really change their habits and stay accountable to their goals.  Remember, you are the driver, so the choice is yours!

Here are your options:

1 appointment – $100

3-appointment package – $250

6-appointment  package -$425

12-appointment package – $600

*Please note, you must use each of your appointment sessions within 12 weeks. Appointment credits expire after 12 weeks.

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