Fit 4 Life Nutrition Coaching combines nutrition science with behavioral psychology to help you stop the yo-yo diet craziness and get healthy and fit for good!

With Fit 4 Life Nutrition Coaching, every four weeks, you’ll get the following:

  • Monthly goal-setting and check-in sessions with your nutrition coach to hold you accountable
  • A group nutrition education session with other Fit 4 Lifers with a nutrition coach to teach you sustainable nutrition strategies will nourish your health and help you reach your goals
  • 24-7 text access to your virtual nutrition coach (a human coach – not a bot like those other apps) to ask questions and get ideas from!
  • Membership in the “Fit 4 Lifers” group within the Ford Wellness App that consists of other people just like you to receive and give support along your health and wellness journey
  • Access to Ford Wellness’s Exercise Database, consisting of 100s of workouts (so you’ll never have to guess about what exercises to do at the gym…or at home)

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