Unplug: 24 Techniques to Beat Stress


Stress does a real number on your system right down to the hormonal level. It can affect your sleep and your appetite, lead to chronic pain, and it can even contribute to diseases like diabetes and hypertension (and all the problems associated with them). 

That’s not even getting into the emotional/relationship issues it can cause!

Your body has built-in tools to help you manage stress, and this e-book will teach you how you can tap into them. 

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Stress affects your body on a hormonal level, disrupting your blood sugar, heart rate, blood pressure, appetite, sleep patterns, and much more. 

Over time, this can add up to chronic problems that can detrimentally impact your health, mood, and weight.

The good news is that there are things you can do to help stop stress in its tracks. 

This ebook outlines some of the QUICKEST ways to tap into your body’s natural relaxation response:

  • Breathing techniques to help you feel calm in minutes.
  • Tips for building a resilient body.
  • Mindset shifts to help you find focus.
  • Stress prevention tips to keep you on track.


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