Health & Wellness is the ultimate goal, but sometimes you need a little help along the way!

The Winner’s Circle offers you the guidance AND accountability you need to make changes to support your health and learn lifestyle habits that will last a lifetime!

With this program, every four weeks, you’ll receive the following:

1) Two virtual coaching sessions (one is 1-1, one is with the group) with a health and wellness coach to help you learn how to implement sustainable strategies that make meeting and maintaining goal targets a long-term thing!
2) A meal plan that you can customize to your tastes and preferences while still hitting your goals!
3) Access to Ford Wellness’s Exercise Database so that you never have any doubt about what to do when you workout
4) Membership in the Winner’s Circle secret group within the Ford Wellness Healthy Living Community consisting of other people just like you to receive and give support along your health journey
5) A health coach assigned to you within the Ford Wellness app for 24-7 text access to hold you accountable and keep you going!