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Virtual Fitness Options -
Virtual Fitness Options

Virtual Fitness Options

Customized Exercise Plan – $50 every 4 weeks

You tell us what your fitness goals are, and we tailor an online plan that helps you meet those goals? Want sexier arms? More defined legs? Want to slim down? Want to bulk up? We’ve got you covered!

We’ll deliver your plan to you via the Ford Wellness Fitness App where you can see video demonstrations of each exercise in your plan, take your fitness and body composition progress, and have 24-7 text access to your coach for questions, support, and accountability.

Dumbbells-Only Exercise Program – $25 every 4 weeks for 12 Weeks

This program provides 12 weeks of exercises that you can do at home (if you have dumbbells, kettlebells, or resistance bands) or at the gym – your choice! It’s the perfect choice for those new to weights or just getting back to it after some time off. Plus, you’ll have access to an online coach for questions, accountability, and support!

Ford Wellness App and Exercise Database Access – $20 every 4 weeks 

This is the perfect product for you if you want exercise ideas and access to HUNDREDS of workouts created by our team of fitness coaches! For only $20 per month, you get full access to the Ford Wellness app, including our workout plans, a support group of other fitness-minded people like you, and a progress tracker.

PLUS you are assigned to an online fitness coach to ask questions and get ideas from! Where else can you get a coach, endless exercise ideas, and accountability and support for 20 bucks? You can’t beat this!