Virtual Fitness

Virtual Fitness

Live Virtual Group Fitness Classes

Our coaches use Google Meet to deliver live workouts that will challenge you from wherever you are in the world! It’s like going to a gym and being in a fitness class, except you’ll be in the comfort of your own home! Check out the different group classes we have to offer below

Virtual Group Bootcamp Classes – $10 per class

Get ready to work hard, sweat harder, and burn some major calories with this high-intensity Bootcamp. Modifications will be made so that every fitness level can dive right in! You will benefit from having some resistance bands and dumbbells on hand, but there will be bodyweight-only options available for you if you don’t own any of those.

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Virtual Group Zumba Classes – $10 per class

Zumba is a dance exercise program that combines salsa, reggaeton, cumbia, and merengue with fitness moves to deliver a fun way to burn calories and get fit!

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Virtual Group Strength Training Classes – $10 per class

Get ready to build muscle and burn calories in this virtual group strength training class. Modifications will be made so that every fitness level can dive right in! For this class, you will need dumbbells or kettlebells on hand. Let’s get ready to work!

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Live 1-1 Virtual Fitness Training

Imagine working 1-1 with your trainer, but virtually! That’s what 1-1 Virtual Fitness Training is!

1-1 Virtual Fitness Training – $30 per session

When you meet your coach virtually using Google Meet, you’ll be guided through a workout geared towards your personal goals. 

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Online Fitness Training Programs & Services

Using an app, we deliver fitness programs directly to your phone. You’ll be assigned to an online fitness coach that will help you navigate the app, learn the exercises, answer any questions you may have, and hold you accountable to sticking to your plans. You’re able to track your progress when it comes to fitness personal bests (like being able to lift heavier or running time), biometrics (things like body fat percentage and lean body mass), and body measurements (like weight and waist circumference).   There are also demonstration instructions and videos in the app so that you can be sure that you’re executing your exercises properly! You are free to do your workouts at your own pace and on your own schedule! Check out our variety of online fitness training programs and services below!

30-Day Fitness Challenge – $50

This 30-Day Workout Challenge is designed to focus on FITNESS & FUN! You pay a fee to enter the challenge, that fee goes into a pot with other people who have paid the same fee, and at the end, whoever successfully completes the challenge divides the pot and pockets the cash! Cha-ching $$ This program is offered every April, June, September, and November!

Bikini Body Program – $100

This 12 Week Online Program is for Women looking to look good in their bikini (or undies or one-piece – no discrimination here! We provide you with a meal plan and exercise program that will help you shed fat, build feminine muscle, and get ready for bikini season.

Customized Exercise Plan – $45 every 4 weeks

You tell us what your fitness goals are, and we tailor an online plan that helps you meet those goals? Want sexier arms? More defined legs? Want to slim down? Want to bulk up? We’ve got you covered!

Customized Macros$19

Add customized macronutrient targets to your existing fitness programs. Your coach will tell you how many grams of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins you should aim for daily in order to meet your fitness goals. Then you track the foods you eat in a food tracker like MyFitnessPal to ensure that you meet those targets. Your macro targets may change weekly or monthly depending on your progress and your adherence.

Dumbbells-Only Exercise Program – $25 every 4 weeks for 12 weeks

This program provides 12 weeks of exercises that you can do at home (if you have dumbbells, kettlebells, or resistance bands) or at the gym – your choice!

Ford Wellness Athletes Competition Prep – $250 every 4 weeks

Join our team of accomplished athletes! Competition prep plans provide you with the guidance you need to excel at your sport! You’ll receive a combination of sports nutrition coaching and fitness coaching to help ensure that you display peak performance when it counts!  Your plans are tailored to your individual needs and changed as needed (as frequently as every week) to make sure that you achieve the results you’re looking for.

Advanced Online Strength Training Program – $75

Are you familiar with the gym, have been lifting for a while, are comfortable with executing lifts with proper form, and are looking for a strength training program to challenge you? If so, the 12-week Advanced Strength Training Program is for you!

Beginner’s Online Strength Training Program – $75

Are you new to the gym? Do you want to start lifting weights but don’t know where to start? If so, the 12-week Beginner’s Strength Training Program is for you!

Intermediate Online Strength Training Program – $75

Are you just getting warmed up with lifting? Past the beginner stage, but still need a little guidance on proper form? Then the 12-week intermediate program is best for you!

Ford Wellness App Access – $20 every 4 weeks

Interested in becoming a client but not sure where to start? Or, are you done with your program, but still want access to Ford Wellness’s app to communicate with the online trainers, ask them questions, log your workouts, and track your progress? This is the perfect product for you! For only $5 per month, you get full access to the Ford Wellness app without a commitment to any particular program. Enjoy!