Nutrition Coaching – 6 Session Pack


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Good food has the power to give you energy, regulate your weight, and, most importantly, heal! It’s all about knowing which foods work best for YOUR body AND what AMOUNTS of foods YOU need!   Our nutrition coaches are ready to help YOU navigate your food intake so that you can experience ULTIMATE HEALTH & achieve the goals you have established for yourself!

Our nutrition educators can help you manage:

  • body composition
  • chronic illnesses
  • stress
  • food addictions
  • making healthy lifestyle changes

Your nutrition coach will be there to support you as a passenger on your journey. You determine the destination (your goals), and your coach will help you with the navigation.  We teach you about how nutrition impacts the body, and help you learn how to make good food choices! We make sure you leave each session with a plan that you are comfortable with, and we move at a pace that works for you. Each session lasts between 25-30 minutes. Many people choose to work with a nutrition coach when

  • they have questions about nutrition and want to learn real-deal information from legitimate nutrition experts
  • their insurance does not cover nutrition counseling
  • they need accountability while they implement healthy lifestyle changes
  • they need support in-between their appointments with their healthcare providers

At least 12 sessions with one of our nutrition educators are ideal if you really want to make sustainable changes happen! However, some people benefit from only 3 sessions, and others need weekly sessions in order to really change their habits and stay accountable to their goals.  Remember, you are the driver, and you know yourself better than anyone else, so the choice is yours!


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