Discover Your Perfect Meal Plan with Ford Wellness!

Imagine enjoying meals that not only taste amazing but are also handpicked just for your unique preferences! Whether you’re aiming to improve your health, boost your energy, find your perfect weight, or just enjoy the goodness of health every day, we’ve got your back

Why You’ll Love Our Customized Meal Plans:

  • Made Just For You!: We get it, everyone’s different. That’s why we create meal plans that reflect your unique tastes, health history, and lifestyle. From gourmet treats to simple, wholesome bites – we cater to every taste bud out there.
  • Friendly Nutrition Guidance: Our warm and knowledgeable nutrition coaches (all of whom have a master’s degree or higher in nutrition science) are here to be your food buddies! They’ll guide you through the colorful world of nutrition, ensuring every meal feels like a treat while keeping you on track with your health goals.
  • Always Fresh & Exciting: Say goodbye to the same old meals. You’ll meet with us every 4 weeks to provide feedback on your previous meal plan. Based on our conversation with you, we’ll create a brand-new meal plan for you every 4 weeks. It’s like having a food festival at your fingertips!
  • Crafted with Care: When you schedule your meal plan consultation with us, we’ll have a relaxed virtual chat to get to know you better. We then take a week to create and upload your new meal plan! We take up to 7 days to get you your meal plan because we literally make them ourselves based on your specific needs and preferences. And as you know good things take time, and we want everything to be just right for you!


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Join the Ford Wellness Food Party!

Dive into a world where food is both delicious and nutritious. At Ford Wellness, we celebrate the joy of personalized nutrition. So, are you ready to join the fun and embark on a tasty health journey? We can’t wait to have you on board! 🍏🥗🍲

Customized Meal Plan FAQs

Program Specifics & Personalization:

  • How many different meals will I get as a part of this plan? You’ll get up to 3 daily menus per week, and they will change from week to week to ensure that you don’t get bored. Within the daily menus, we’ll definitely provide 3 meals, and depending on your preferences, we can include up to 3 snack options per day as well.
  • How is my Customized Meal Plan tailored to my individual dietary needs and preferences? Before your meal plan consultation appointment, we’ll have you fill out some important forms. We ask about your health history, your goals, your food preferences, and your comfort level in the kitchen. And during your meal plan consultation, we’ll get an even better idea of your unique needs. Based on all of that information, we’ll create a meal plan just for you!

Expertise & Qualifications:

  • What qualifications do the Ford Wellness nutrition coaches have? All of our nutrition coaches hold a master’s degree or higher in nutrition science or clinical nutrition. You’re in great hands!
  • Are the meal plans created based on evidence-based nutrition practices? Absolutely! One of our core values is “Research and Education,” so everything we do at Ford Wellness, from our nutrition services to our fitness programs, is science-backed and evidence-based.

Support & Communication:

  • How often can I communicate with my assigned nutrition coach? You’ll communicate with your assigned nutrition professional monthly during your meal planning consultation appointment.
  • If I have questions or concerns about my meal plan, how quickly can I expect a response? Our providers respond to messages within 24 hours during the week. On weekends or holidays, we may take a little longer to reply since we’ll probably be either resting or spending time with our loved ones.

Flexibility & Adaptability:

  • Can I make changes to my meal plan if I find certain foods aren’t working for me or if my goals change? We try to do a really good job of listening to our clients and making sure that the plans we provide reflect your needs and preferences. If we miss something that you let us know about previously, we’ll make an update right away! If it’s something that you didn’t let us know about before we made your plans, or if something new comes up, let us know during your meal plan consultation, and we’ll make sure that your next month’s plans reflect those changes.
  • How easy is it to integrate the meal plans into my daily routine, especially if I have a busy schedule? We take your schedule into account when we make your plans. Some people like to eat the same things every day, and others like to switch it up. Some people like very simple meals, while others like to put their chef skills on display. If you need to stay on the simpler side, just let your assigned nutrition professional know, and they will make sure that your plan is tailored to you!