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Welcome to Ford Wellness -

At Ford Wellness, our goal is to help everyday people alleviate and prevent chronic disease, get to and maintain healthy body composition, and improve overall quality of life!

Our team of nutrition professionals, health coaches,  fitness trainers, psychologists, and other health practitioners, help people accomplish these goals by teaching them how to eat better, showing them how to exercise effectively, and coaching them on how to make lifestyle changes over the long term so that their results last a lifetime!

By addressing multiple factors that affect overall health, we are able to provide a more holistic approach to achieving wellness!

We see most of our clients virtually.

We also see clients for medical nutrition therapy at our Howard County, Maryland office:

8115 Maple Lawn Boulevard, Suite 350

Fulton, MD 20759


We pride ourselves on our core values…

Commitment to health and wellness

Commitment to research and education

Care for the community

Sincerity and compassion

…and we consider our work a reflection of these values

We look forward to helping you on your journey to health and wellness!