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Health & Wellness Coaching -
Health & Wellness Coaching

Health & Wellness Coaching

Health & wellness coaching helps you identify how your current feelings & behaviors may be impacting your health status and your ability to meet your health goals. This may include physical health goals like changing body composition, medical health goals like managing a diagnosis, or mental/emotional health goals like conquering anxiety!

You and your health coach will use your health history + other tips and strategies to help you modify any current behaviors that may not be helping you meet your health goals.

After each session, you’ll leave with a plan of action to help you can reach your future goals of health and wellness – mentally, emotionally, and physically!

At Ford Wellness, you’ll work with your health coach virtually from the comfort of your home

There are 4 options for meeting with your coach virtually:

3 appointment package for new clients – $250

6 appointment package for returning clients – $450

12 appointment package for returning clients – $600

1 Standalone appointment for new or returning clients – $100 per appointment

To learn more, click here to schedule a FREE initial consultation to see if Health & Wellness Coaching is right for you.

*Health & wellness coaching is not currently covered by health insurance companies.  However, upon request, your practitioner can provide you with a superbill to submit to your FSA/HSA reimbursement. Ford Wellness cannot guarantee that your FSA/HSA provider will reimburse you at full cost, or at all.