Holiday Hacks for a Stress-Free Kitchen!

written by Dr. Jonene Ford, CNS, LDN

The holidays are a magical time for connecting with loved ones! But let’s face it, they can be super busy and very stressful! This holiday season, let’s embrace the joy of the season and lower those stress levels a bit by using these savvy holiday hacks!

Simplify with Semi-Homemade Treats

  • For a protein-packed, comforting dinner, use rotisserie chicken to make hearty soups or chilis. You can also shred some chicken and buy mixed salad greens for a quick lunchtime option.
  • Upgrade frozen pizza dough into a gourmet meal by adding your favorite sauce, veggies, and cheeses. Pro-tip – if your budget allows, buy the veggies pre-cut to save valuable time!

Master Batch Cooking for Timeless Convenience

  • Prepare extra grains like rice or quinoa and weave them into meals throughout the week.
  • Boil extra eggs and keep them handy as ready-to-go snacks or protein boosts for salads.
  • Bake a surplus of sweet potatoes for lunches or dinners, and use the extras for holiday pies!

Streamline with Sheet Pan and One-Pot Marvels

If one of the reasons you avoid cooking is all the dishes, make it easier on yourself by searching for one-dish meals to reduce the time spent doing the dishes. Here are a few to get you started:

  • Roast proteins and seasonal veggies on one baking sheet for a hassle-free, nutrient-packed meal.
  • Find a yummy crockpot recipe that includes your favorite wintertime foods…I LOVE a good beef stew this time of year!
  • A stir-fry is quick and easy and only requires one skillet! Options are endless!

Wrap Up Your Holidays with Kitchen Ease and Joy!

Navigate the festivities this holiday season with these time-saving hacks that infuse ease into your kitchen routine. With these simple shortcuts and culinary wisdom, you’re all set to create delightful, wholesome dishes and cherish memorable gatherings with loved ones. May your kitchen be a hub of joy and merriment, ensuring a delicious and stress-free season! Happy holidays!