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Unlock a holistic approach to well-being with the Ford Wellness app! Unlike other health apps focusing solely on workouts or calorie tracking, the Ford Wellness app offers a comprehensive suite of tools encompassing tailored workouts, simplified nutritional insights, mind-body wellness practices, and a thriving, health-conscious, supportive community! Our app goes above and beyond to empower you to achieve total wellness, making holistic health accessible and affordable for everyone!

Discover Your Fitness Journey

  • Fitness Tracking: Dive into your progress by keeping track of your fitness progress, including running, weight lifting, swimming, and lots of other activities! You can even integrate your Fitbit or Apple watch to track other stats like heart rate, steps, and sleep!
  • Self-Tailored Workouts: Build your own personalized workouts—whether it’s cardio, interval training, or weightlifting plans.

Empower Your Nutrition

  • Meal Diaries: Easily track meal photos, calories, macros, and nutrition with a complete meal diary at your fingertips.
  • Nutritional Insights: Get detailed breakdowns and graphs for a deeper understanding of your intake and progress.

Unleash Your Motivation

  • Achievement Badges: Earn badges when you hit milestones, share your success, and motivate others on social media.
  • Habit Streaks: Cultivate healthier habits, from workouts to self-care, with streaks and special achievements.
  • Track Your Goal Progress: Our progress tracking feature helps you keep track of important measurements like waist, hips, body fat percentage, weight, and progress pics over time

Engage with Our Community

  • Exclusive Groups: Join private communities within our app full of health-conscious people just like you! Share photos, mention others, react to messages, earn milestone badges, and access daily workouts and activity information.
  • Supportive Environment: Share healthy habits, offer support, and motivate each other. Stay connected, inspire, and empower the community—all in one place.

Never Miss a Beat

  • Daily Reminders: Receive tailored notifications for workouts, check-ins, and healthy habits to stay on track.

Choose Your Path to Wellness

  • Basic Membership ($1.99/month): Dive into essential tracking and habit-building features.
  • Premium Access ($4.99/month): Unlock professionally designed exercises, workouts, and programs for a holistic fitness journey. Whether you’re working out at the gym or at home, you’ll never have to guess again with access to our exercise database of over 500 workouts!
  • After registering, you’ll receive your exclusive link to download the Ford Wellness app!

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