Nutrition Programs and Services

Food has the power to hurt or to heal. It all depends on how you use it.

At Ford Wellness, we believe that sound nutrition is the cornerstone of health.

We can help you reach your health goals with one of our various nutrition services, programs, and products.

Virtual Nutrition & Health Coaching for New Clients
We meet with you over a series of 3 appointments to create a plan that helps you meet your nutrition & health goals. We make sure that you are comfortable with your plan & we move at a pace that works for you. Between appointments, we use the Healthie app to stay in touch.

Virtual Nutrition & Health Coaching Membership
A coach is a person who helps an individual or group win! With this membership, your coach’s role is to help you win by giving you the tools, strategies, motivation, & encouragement to achieve your nutrition and health goals. You will receive one new virtual appointment credit every month.

Customized Meal Plan Program
Virtually meet with your nutrition coach for a consultation and receive a 4-week meal custom-designed for you and your goals! After the meal plan has been designed, you’ll meet with your nutrition coach again to make sure you understand the plan and to get any questions you may have answered!

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