5 Healthy Habits for Improving Body Image

written by Sara Blann

Body Image is one of the most essential parts of health and wellness. Having a positive mindset about yourself can determine your outlook on life. As life gets busy, it is vital to prioritize your body image for overall mental and physical health. Read along and follow these five short and simple steps to becoming the best version of yourself.

Step 1 – Appreciate your body and mind

Start by thinking of all the amazing things your body has done and been through. The list could go on and on. Your body gets you through this life, and we must appreciate what it does. Appreciating your body is essential to developing a positive body image. Once we realize all the incredible things that it does, we begin to accept the incredible bodies we have. Start by making a list and writing down one thing that your body did that was amazing every day. In a week, month, or year you can look back and see that your body did all those things.

Step 2 – Stop Comparing 

Comparison is the theft of joy, and we do it daily. Comparing yourself to others is keeping us from loving ourselves. Once you understand that YOUR body was made for YOU and no one else, you see all the beautiful things you have to offer. Start by becoming aware of when you find yourself comparing most often – this could be on social media, in the office, the store, or even at your child’s soccer game.  

Step 3 – Do something nice for yourself daily

Pampering yourself is important, yet it seems to be something we seldom do. Treating yourself will make you feel good, no matter what. This could be as simple as taking bubble baths after work or getting a massage. It could also be something major, like booking a vacation or buying that dream car you always wanted! Although these things may seem silly, they are important and brighten our day. Treating ourselves to something nice makes us feel good inside. Once you feel good inside, you begin to show it on the outside.

Step 4 – Find a new hobby you enjoy 

Finding something you enjoy gives you something to look forward to. It gives you something that you can learn, practice, and enjoy. These hobbies can make you feel refreshed and productive, boosting your serotonin. Try a new sport, walking, or even artwork. Having activities you love will boost your self-esteem, which impacts your body image.

Step 5 – Focus on health and not looks or weight

Healthy looks different on everyone. If you do the exact same workouts and eat the same meals as someone else, you are still never going to look like them. We are all made differently, and our bodies need different things to be healthy. Once you start nourishing your body inside, you will begin to feel better on the outside. Being healthy is more internal than it is external. Learn what your body needs and what makes you feel good. Start by writing down health goals that make you feel good on the inside, and start adding those to your daily routine. You will begin to feel the changes.

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