How Can Exercise Reduce Stress? Here’s What You Need to Know. 

people exercising outdoors with dumbbells

written by Isabella Vines

Exercise has benefits far beyond what we see in the mirror. According to a study conducted in Ireland, exercising significantly helps our memory. A group of sedentary males in college was asked to take part in a memory test after performing strenuous exercise. As a result, they found that the volunteers that exercised performed significantly better on the memory tests than those who did not perform exercise at all. 

Additionally, according to a New York Times article, a study was conducted with mice to find the benefits of exercise and its correlation to stress. It found that regular exercise increased the levels of a chemical in the animals’ brains that helped them remain psychologically resilient, even when their lives seemed suddenly strange or even intimidating. 

However, despite what the media has voiced, stress can be just as much our ally as it can be our enemy. Emergencies and perils require immediate responses, and stress causes our bodies to act fast due to the helpful flood of hormones and other chemicals that prime our bodies to act. 

If you’re looking for ways of monitoring stress, you can always choose exercises or ways of being active that adhere best to your lifestyle whether it’s lifting weights, running or even going on a walk. If you need help getting started, we have a 21-Day Core Blast program that works to build your overall strength, first focusing on the core. It also provides members with nutrition tips to further support them through their health journey.